Welcome To The New England Society Of Geeks

Hello my name is Derrick Nadeau, and I am the founder of the New England Society of Geeks.  What is the New England Society of Geeks you may ask?  It is a haven for geeks like me who also have an association with New England. I was born in New England, I live in New England, and I geek in New England.  I have created the society, consisting of this blog, a Twitter account, a facebook page, and an e-mail address with two main purposes in mind.  The first purpose is to explore the world of geek from a New Englander’s perspective, and the second purpose is to explore the wonder of New England from a geek’s perspective.  With those two purposes in mind, the society hopes to bring both worlds together in a new and interesting way to bring you content that is different from the normal geek sites.  

Now that I have given you an introduction to the society, let me tell you about it’s founder, me.  I have been a geek since I was a youngling.  My father is a huge fan of Star Trek, and science fiction in general, and I was weaned on all the best.  My childhood was filled with Episodes of the Twilight Zone, Doctor Who, and Buck Rogers, and I loved them all.  The first movie I can remember watching in the theaters was Star Wars (A New Hope of course) and those movies had a profound impact on my life, just like so many other geeks.  As a young child, when other children were bonding with their fathers playing sports, my father was taking me to science fiction conventions.  I owe a big  part of my geek heritage to my father’s influence, and I guess I owe him a great deal of gratitude for that as well.

Another big influence on me as an adolescent geek was the simple fact that I grew up in the 1980s.  It is my humble opinion that the 80s was the single greatest decade to be a young geek, and I will gladly accept the challenge of anyone who could possibly try to prove that any other decade was better.  From the cartoons, to the toys, to the comic books, to the movies, the 80s was the greatest decade to grow up as a geek, period.  I believe that it is the influence of those that grew up in the 80s that has paved the way to the far reaching geek culture of today.  Growing up in the 80s definitely had a hand in shaping me into the geek I am today.

In my teenage years, my geek continued to flourish. It was during this time that I was introduced to Role-Playing games like DnD, Rifts, and so many others. I took to RPGs instantly and loved being both a player, and a Gamemaster. It was also during my teenage years that I really got into comics. There were two great comic book stores in my town, and I spent a lot of time after school at both of them. I still read and love comic books today, and that is a love that I will never give up.

That is a glimpse into the fabric of what has made me a proud geek.  As this blog moves forward, you will see more aspects of my love of all things geek in the posts I write and the things I say.  I look forward to letting you into the mind of this New England Geek. So sit back, take in the beauty of New England, and feel free to let your geek side out. You are welcome here.

One more thing, please feel free to comment, ask questions, or even give me ideas on things you might like to see me write about in the future. I welcome your feedback.

Thanks for reading.

May the geek be with you all.

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