Geeking Out About Transformers Construct-Bots

One of the best parts about being a geek is having things to “geek out” about.  All geeks have their favorite things that bring them extreme joy and excitement.  It is this joy and excitement we express that is referred to as


In this installment, I will be geeking out about a toyline that I recently discovered, Transformers Construct-Bots by Hasbro.

This is the packaging for the toy
This is the packaging for the toy

The Construct-bots combine a couple of my favorite toy concepts and mashes them together to create a truly fun toy.  First, the toys are based on the Transformers line of transformable robots.  The toys are designed after the Generation One version of Transformers, which gives them a great appeal to fans of G1 Transformers like myself.  The toys look good and are crafted surprisingly well.  each figure actually looks a lot like the character they represent.  For example, I am using one of my favorite characters, Hound, for demonstration purposes in this article.  Fans of the Transformers will clearly recognize this toy as the Autobot Hound, and that shows you just how much detail is put into these toys.

If you are a Transformers fan, you know Hound.
If you are a Transformers fan, you know Hound.

Not only do the toys look good, but they are actually very good action figures as well.  The design of the construction toys gives them an incredible amount of articulation, allowing them to be posed and played with in a nearly infinite number of ways.  The toys feel solid enough to play with, but also look good just being displayed in any pose you might want.  One of the most important feature of any Transformers toy is, of course, the transformation feature.  I was skeptical about how well these construction toys would perform the transformation feature, but I must admit that I found this aspect of the toy to work perfectly.  In fact, transforming these toys is better than some of the actual Transformers action figures that I have seen in my time.  Each figure is fun and simple to transform and is not at all complicated.  The figures look as good when they are in vehicle mode as they do in robot mode.

Here is Hound in vehicle mode.
Here is Hound in vehicle mode.

On top of being an excellent action figure and a great Transformer, these toys are also excellent construction toys.  Fans of construction toys, such as Legos or Construx, will find the Transformers Construct-Bots very enjoyable to put together.  The figures are easy to assemble, yet fun.  Each figure has the same basic body type which also allows for a level of customization that adds an entirely new layer to the figure.  The pieces of the figures allow for any number of variations on construction.  Of course, some customization may interfere with the transformation ability, but only if you go crazy with the customization I would think.

You can see the various pieces of the figure on the back of the packaging.
You can see the various pieces of the figure on the back of the packaging.

In addition to Hound, I have also collected Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Soundwave, Wheeljack, Cliffjumper, Starscream, and Silverbolt.  I have become quite addicted to these toys.  The Transformers Construct-Bots are excellent figures that look great, play well, and add a well designed construction and customization element to make a truly wonderful action figure.  I can’t help but geek out about these wonderful toys.  I highly recommend checking them out for yourself.  I am willing to bet that if you are a fan of Transformers, construction toys, or both, that you will become addicted to these toys as well.  One more great feature of these toys is the pricing.  The toys come in Scout class for around ten dollars, Elite class for around twenty dollars, and there are also a couple of triple changers for thirty dollars.

I am really enjoying the Transformers Construct-Bots toyline.  However, this is just one of the things I am currently geeking out about. I will save the  rest for future posts.  Until next time my fellow geeks.

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