Destination Geek: Holiday Edition Part 2

I love Christmas lights.  Plain and simple, it is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season, besides presents of course.  I love setting up the lights at my house and enjoying their bright colors, and I love seeing how other people decorate their houses as well.  Yes, I do prefer colored lights to the plain white ones, though my wife likes the “classic looking”, read boring, white lights.  In fact, our tree, which is artificial, has built in lights that periodically switch between colors and plain white.

It is my love of the lights that makes it enjoyable for me to travel around New England to places that specialize in setting up exceptional light shows.  One such place that I traveled to recently with my wife was an event called Bright Nights at Forest Park in downtown Springfield Massachusetts.  Every holiday season, Springfield  sets up an impressive array of lights in their park that you can take a driving tour through.  It is a beautiful spectacle that makes for a fun family evening.  There is even an area set aside in the park where you can stop and let your kids visit Santa Claus and take a ride on their carousel.

If you are looking for a fun way to enjoy the holiday season with your family, then it is worth taking a trip to Springfield to visit Bright Nights at Forest Park.  I have included some pictures below so you can get an idea of how special this event truly is.  But, pictures can only show you so much.  To fully enjoy Bright Nights, you must check it out for yourself.

To get directions and pricing information for Bright Nights at Forest Park, check out their website.

Bright Nights greets you at the entrance with a beautiful set of lights.

All of the holidays of the season are represented.

There is a Dr. Seuss area that even has a Grinch.  But, you will have to see him for yourself.

There is a section for the dinosaurs that is pretty fun


Oh look, it’s Peter Pan!

There are so many beautiful lights set up to enjoy.


This beautiful mansion is actually made entirely of lights.

The whole setting is so whimsical you can’t help but smile.

Even as you leave the park, you are treated to beautiful lights saying goodbye.


There are plenty of fun things to do in New England during the holidays, I hope you can find time to enjoy them as much as you possibly can.


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