The New England Society of Geeks Audioblog

Well, it’s been a bit of time since the last posting from the Society, but I am happy to announce the launch of a new endeavor for the New England Society of Geeks.  I have decided to change the format of the New England Society of Geeks blog from a written format to an audioblog.  There are many reasons for this decision, which I discuss in the first NESofG audioblog, Introduction.  You can find that episode at the link listed here:

I am also including my second episode in this post as well so that you can get a good feel for what I will be attempting with this audioblog.  The second episode is a discussion about the appearance of Spider-Man in the latest Captain America movie, Civil War.  This particular episode is full of spoilers, so be forewarned if you have not seen the movie yet.  I’d hate to be the one to ruin anyone’s enjoyment of the film after all.  You can find episode two of the audioblog at the following link:

I have plenty of plans and ideas for this new audioblog format, and I hope you will find it enjoyable and entertaining.  Feel free to comment and give me feedback, and please be gentle as the audioblog morphs and evolves as future episodes roll out.  The audioblog is a new thing for me, and I am excited to see where it takes me.

That’s all for this edition of the New England Society of Geeks blog.  Until next time, may the geek be with you all.

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