The New England Society Of Geeks Presents The Keepers Of The Fringe Podcast

Episode 53

You Never Go Up The Stairs Taint First


Can You Just Stop Ruining Things I Love?

This week, the Keepers give a salute to the King of Chicken Parmistan, and wonder what it would be like to play a game starring old man Mario.  And that is just a small part of the weirdness in this episode.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  1. Ash vs. Evil Dead gets canceled.
  2. The Masters Of The Universe movie gets a new pair of directors.
  3. The toy franchise M.A.S.K. is getting a movie.
  4. Gremlins 3 is now officially a reboot.
  5. A new movie based on the Doom videogame is in the works.
  6. Jamie Lee Curtis spills some new details on the Halloween movie.
  7. Keepers recommendations-featuring a review of the new God Of War game
  8. Keepers Of The Fringe movie review of the week-Gymkata


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