The New England Society Of Geeks Presents The Keepers Of The Fringe Podcast

Episode 57

Your Mom Does What Nintendon’t,

A Human Musical

This week, the Keepers give you not one, but two, that’s right two movie reviews for your listening pleasure!  There is, of course, the normal movie review in which the Keepers watched a “classic” 80s film.  In addition to that, the Keepers also give you a quick review of the movie Deadpool 2 in their recommendation section.  It should go without saying, but the Deadpool 2 review will contain SPOILERS.  So, this is your SPOILER WARNING!


Topics discussed in this episode include:

  1. The Thundercats get a reboot….again.
  2. Universal’s Dark Universe could be making a comeback.
  3. A trailer has been released for the Happytime Murders.
  4. The Lord Of The Rings Amazon series could be focusing on a young Aragorn.
  5. Zombieland 2 gets a release date.
  6. Ron Howard discusses a potential sequel to Willow
  7. News on the still unannounced Obi-Wan movie.
  8. Rob Liefeld’Extreme universe on Netflix.
  9. Batman butler Alfred is getting his own series.
  10. Keeper recommendations – SPOILER WARNING!  This week, the Keepers give a mini review of Deadpool 2 as a recommendation.
  11. Keepers Of The Fringe movie review of the week:  Joysticks


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