The New England Society Of Geeks Presents The Keepers Of The Fringe Podcast

Episode 60

Maybe A Dingo Ate Your Dingy, There’s No Button For That

This episode of the podcast is a bit trailer heavy, forcing the Keepers to create a new segment for the podcast dedicated solely to new movie trailers.  Whether or not this segment will be recurring or just temporary remains to be seen.  In addition, Derrick wanted to call the segment “entering the trailer-park”, but Chris vetoed that title.  Unless, of course, there is an outpouring of fan approval for that title.  Just saying”.

Topics in this episode include:

  1. EA announces a new Star Wars game with the title Jedi Fallen Order.
  2. HBO orders a pilot for a Game Of Thrones prequel.
  3. The upcoming Hellboy movie will lean more towards horror and folklore.
  4. A Willy Wonka reboot could be in the works.
  5. A Joker solo film based on Jared Leto‘s version of the character could be in the works.
  6. The Keepers discuss newly released trailers for Bumblebee, Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse, The Lego Movie 2, the Halloween reboot, and The Predator.
  7. A reboot of Cannonball Run is in the works.
  8. The new Terminator movie will revisit the Terminator 2 time period.
  9. Mathew Vaughn is planning more films for both the Kingsmen and Kick-Ass franchises.
  10. Keepers Of The Fringe recommendations:  This week, the Keepers recommend the game Owlboy, the tv show Humans, the movie Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter and the tv show Face Off.

The Time Guardian

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