The New England Society Of Geeks Presents The Keepers Of The Fringe Podcast

Episode 62

Safety First, So Tuck ‘Em In Your Sock Hal And Freda Lujah!


This week, the Keepers experiment a bit with a new style for their movie review, so please bear with them as they work out the bugs.  Or, better yet, if you have some friendly suggestions to help the Keepers improve, they certainly would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to contact the Keepers with any thoughts or suggestions you might have.  Also, the Keepers take an interesting journey down memory lane that all starts with spiders.

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Topics discussed in this episode include:

  1. The recent press release DC put out about their upcoming streaming service.
  2. Chris Columbus implies that the new Gremlins movie will almost definitely be a reboot.
  3. Jared Leto has been cast for the title role in the Morbius The Living Vampire movie.
  4. The Redband trailer for The Predator has been released.
  5. A reboot of Arachnophobia is in the works.
  6. A new reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is in the works.
  7. Jim Carrey has been cast as Dr. Robotnik in the Sonic The Hedgehog movie.
  8. A sequel to Marvel‘s Doctor Strange has been comfirmed.
  9. A trailer has been released for the film Summer Of ’84.
  10. Jonathan Kasdan has been tapped to rewrite the next Indiana Jones movie.
  11. Keepers Recommendations:  Glow season 2, Lego Marvel Superheroes 2Velocity 2x, and Wuppo.
  12. Keepers Of The Fringe movie review of the week:  Brain Damage.

brain damage

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