The New England Society Of Geeks Presents The Keepers Of The Fringe Podcast, Episode 74

Barles Chonson Fat-Shaming Tuna…

His Whistle Will Be The Last Sound You Hear

This episode is full of a lot of laughs, and an even greater amount of tangents.  Things get so crazy, you might think the Keepers were on something, but we can assure you, the Keepers were completely sober during the recording of this episode.  Sober…but not necessarily mentally stable.  You have been warned…

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  1. The Keepers enter the trailer park with trailers of Captain MarvelDark Phoenix, and Creed 2.
  2. Morbius The Living Vampire will be Sony‘s next Marvel film after Venom.
  3. New info on the upcoming William Shatner Christmas album, Shatner Claus.
  4. Despite the Disney buyout, Fox plans to finish all X-Men related films currently in development.
  5. The Spider-Man PS4 game might be the start of a new Marvel Gaming Universe.
  6. Tom Hanks will be playing Mr. Rogers in an upcoming biopic.
  7. There is a plan for ten more years of The Walking Dead franchise.
  8. The Charles Bronson imitation film Death Kiss.
  9. Bryan Singer to possibly direct Red Sonia.
  10. Keeper Recommendations:  an update on Y’s VIII (game), Stuff You Should Know (podcast).
  11. Keepers Of The Fringe Movie Review Of The Week:  Ice Cream Man.



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